The Corsair82: 82% F4U-1A Corsair

Well folks, it has bee quite a while since I have added an update on the Corsair82 landing gear. Back in early 2006 I sent the prototype main and tail gear assemblies to the machine shop that helped me build the prototype parts. For some reason, not much was accomplished in the next three years. The shop owner finally agreed to send me back my parts and most of my money. He did send me some new parts that may be used in the final gear assemblies. I found a new machine shop in northern Illinois in mid 2009. Joe, the owner of that shop is really motivated to help me get this project in the air. It took us quite some time to get things underway, but even though it is almost two years later, the workmanship is amazing and we are expecting the gear to be operational soon. (If anyone is interested in contacting Joe to do some work, contact me and I will get you in touch)
1: These are the parts built by the first shop. The gear struts (two big tubes) my be usable in the final gear assemblies. The other parts are not going to be useful. The first machinist had a new idea on making the gear work, but we couldn't figure it our, so those parts go on my sizable junk pile.
2: My gear assembly on a work bench at Joe's shop. Joe had to disassemble the whole thing in order to measure and draw each part.
3: In order to communicate over the phone with Joe, I had to develop a set of drawings we could both reference at the same time. Names had to be made up for each part. Some of the drawings are from actual Vought drawings, with some modification, and the addition of the new part nomenclature. (I've always wanted to use that word) This is the "A" frame assembly. It should actually be called the "V" frame, but I built the landing gear upside down, originally, so it looked like an A, not a V. (You may need to come back to these three drawings a few times while going through this update)
4: The complete gear assembly is shown here, minus the "Cage". The Cage is the assembly used to mount the gear to the wing. I designed it so that the gear assembly can be built up in it.The whole gear assembly can be removed or installed in the wing while in the Cage. This is not a Vought feature.
5: The Strut assembly. We really had trouble talking over the phone when we started, and these are the parts that made me decide to get drawings in both of our hands when we were on the phone.
6: This is a drawing from the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program Joe used. Joe entered his measurements into the computer and came up with this. It is not quite that easy, actually. Joe put in a lot of time and also helped to overcome a few problems I had in the initial design. As you can see, the Cage is included in this drawing. Joe can articulate the gear and even do stress analysis with this program.
7: Here are the first parts to be produced, in their raw state. Most of these parts will need a lot more refinement.
8: This is the raw "A" frame assembly.
9: The Top and Lower Collars as well as the Scissor Cap are shown here.
10: This part hasn't been named, yet. I think I'll call it the "Strut Cutout" or something like that. It can be seen in place on picture 6. It is on the back side of the Cage. The strut will not actually touch this part, but the clearance is needed when the gear is fully retracted.
11: The Scissor assembly. This keeps the Inner Oleo Strut from overextending and falling out of the Outer Oleo Strut when the aircraft lifts off. It also keeps the wheel in alignment.
12: The "Front Plate" of the cage, viewed from the front and back. This part holds the Universal Joint in place and at the proper angle. This is the only part that has a left and right orientation. All of the other parts can be used on the left or right side of the aircraft. That is my design. It wasn't like that on the real Corsair.
13: Not quite the whole assembly, but most of it. The parts in the lower right side mount the "Drag Link Shaft" to the Cage.

Hopefully more parts will be available to post soon.

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